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Our aircraft can be engaged to perform international ad-hoc passenger charters, as well as contract flights. We also offer an integrated shuttle solution within the DR Congo and internationally along with partner airlines, especially where rugged in-country requirements need our experience of final mile operations.

Okapi Air is also able to cater for the VIP executive charter market within the DR Congo at competitive prices. We promise to meet your air transportation requirements.

Our fixed wings aircraft and helicopters help us reach remote parts of the country with limited or no access to air landing fields.

Our base is in Goma (east of the DR Congo) but we cover most of the difficult to reach interior. Currently, we are able to link the following eastern towns, with more to follow soon:

  • Beni,
  • Butembo,
  • Bukavu,
  • Kindu,
  • Bunia,
  • Kisangani and
  • Lubumbashi.

Okapi Air provides cargo aircraft charter solutions of any type, from small single-engine light aircraft to the world’s largest commercial airlifter. We are able to offer this service both nationally and internationally through our network with other linked airlines. What others call difficult, our team of knowledgeable and experienced pilots thrive in doing.

Okapi Air knows how to get things done swiftly and hassle free when the pressure is on. It is likely that someone within our organisation can find an answer to any challenge thrown at us, be it weather or remote location. For any special aviation requirements, you can rely on Okapi Air to come up with a value-added and compliant air charter solution tailored to your project needs.

We pride ourselves in assisting government or non-governmental organisations in the humanitarian sector. We provide either logistic or air transportation of patients, personnel as well as equipment for any humanitarian aid needed. Our management team of aviation experts has wide experience in air charter and air leasing plus a passion for working in parts of the world affected by humanitarian crises that regular aviation just simply cannot reach.

At Okapi Air, we believe that our primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity by providing material and logistic assistance to people in need. This means we help refugees, victims of natural disasters, earthquakes, flooding, cyclonic storms, famines or military conflicts, etc. We consider it a privilege and a crucial part of our social responsibility policy to offer this kind of support in aid of the people that need it most without discrimination of any kind (religion, tribal, nationality, or race).

With the help airplane or helicopter, medical personnel or development specialists can be transported directly to where they need to be. A short comfortable flight saves a lot of time and energy that can be applied to the actual assignment instead of wasting it on bumpy roads, at border crossings or risky river crossings, as is often the case in the developing world. Flying not only eases the valuable aid needed, but may well make it happen in the first place.

We can also provide highly qualified personnel – both medical and non-medical – to assist in medical rescue on site or in the medical evacuation of patients or personnel in humanitarian crises in war zones or natural disasters.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions which result in reaching services areas efficiently and affordably – bringing relief in areas that need it desperately and are often inaccessible by road.

Not only is Okapi Air an aircraft owner and fleet operator but we are also able to source and undertake almost any aviation charter mission anywhere on the African continent. We are also able to organise dedicated passenger aircraft charters or jet planes in and out of some of the world’s most inaccessible areas.


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